We won’t sell you a battery you don’t need

At Edmonds Batteries we are about more than just selling our customers great products; we’re also about offering them the services they need when they need them. Services such as:

Free Automotive Systems Check - we will gladly test your batteries state of charge, perform a load test with a carbon pile load tester, inspect your connections, and test your vehicle’s electrical system (the starter, alternator and test for a short) to ensure that you get what you need when you need it.

Battery Performance Testing - unlike other shops, we first test your batteries specific gravity to ensure that it is at the proper state of charge before load testing it. A discharged battery will always fail load test - just another way we do things right.

Battery Recovery - after properly adjusting the fluids levels of your battery, we use line charges to give your battery a deep overnight equalization charge to attempt to recover it. And the best part is if your battery does not recover, we apply the recharge fee to the price of a replacement battery!

Custom Cable Fabrication - we use only quality products from the industry leaders, QuickCable, to custom make any cable you need. From 6 gauge to 4/0, we’ve got you covered!

Battery Installation - Don’t want to deal with the hassle of installing your battery? Don’t know where to begin? We will gladly do it for you at a price that is reasonable, and the best part, no appointment necessary!

Battery Pack Rebuilding - Don’t throw out that old drill! At Edmonds we believe in the 3 R’s and proudly offer to rebuild most drill packs at a fair price and with a quick turnaround! Unlike other places, we replace all of the old cells with batteries from top suppliers; in most instances raising your batteries capacity.

We service what we sell

A big part of what you get at Edmonds Batteries is the service. We are proud to service all products sold at Edmonds and we’ll be happy to inspect your vehicle to diagnose any problems you may be having… For Free!

  • Free automotive systems diagnostic
  • No appointment neccessary battery installation
  • Custom Quick Cable fabrication
  • Battery Recovery (Charging)
  • Battery Pack rebuilding