Did you know that you can make money recycling your old lead-acid batteries? When you start with Edmonds, it pays to recycle!

For decades Edmonds Batteries has cared about the environment; recycling millions of pounds of batteries every year, making us one of the top battery recyclers in the lower mainland! Because we recycle such a high volume of batteries we are able to offer the fairest market value price for your scrap batteries in the lower mainland.

We also have properly licensed and insured drivers and vehicles to handle your larger volume pick-ups ensuring that you face no liability issues when you choose Edmonds for your battery recycling needs. That’s right, when batteries are transported from your business, if the person picking them up does not meet the proper requirements your business is on the hook for the liability should the worst happen! So leave it up to us to properly, safely and legally recycle your old batteries.

Contact any of our four locations today and we will make sure that you get paid top dollar and that your batteries are handled properly!

For larger, reoccurring loads contact Edmonds Recycling at 604.530.9235 or email them by Clicking Here for more info.

And Edmonds Recycling recycles more than just lead-acid batteries! From catalytic converters to standby systems, you’d be surprised at the variety of goods we keep from BC’s landfills - doing our part to keep BC beautiful! Check out our sister company Edmonds Recycling at today to learn more!

Recycle your batteries today!

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Telephone: 604.530.9235

Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:30am-4:30pm

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