Motorcycle & Power Sports Batteries

When it comes to motorcycle and power sport batteries no one has you covered like Edmonds Batteries Ltd.! We proudly carry a complete line of Shorai, Yuasa, Power Sonic, Odyssey and Energy Power Batteries ensuring that we have the right battery for your application!

From the newest Lithium-Iron technology, to AGM batteries designed to withstand the vibration of your Harley, ATV, Snowmobile or Jet-Ski, to the obscure six volt for your old Honda, Edmonds has your battery. In peak season we keep the top movers charged and ready to go, allowing us to prepare them properly. Unlike other places who quick charge them while you wait, we allow the battery to soak before slow charging, giving you the cranking amps and amp hour your battery was intended to provide. For applications less common, phone ahead and we will gladly get your battery ready for you ahead of time.

Edmonds Batteries carries thousands of batteries and battery related accessories. Please contact us if you need a product that you don't see here on our website: