​Odyssey Batteries have long been the premiere AGM power sports battery and Edmonds is pleased to now have them to offer our customers.

With some batteries you get hefty cranky power. With others, you get amazing deep cycle reserve power. The ODYSSEY® battery gives you both.

How do they do it? They start with flat plates that are made of 99.99% pure virgin lead. They do not use lead alloy. Lead plates made of pure lead can be made thinner so we are able to use more of them in each battery. The more battery plates used means the greater the plate surface area which then translates to an increase in power, as much as twice that of conventional batteries.

Click here for Odyssey Battery specifications

NorthStar Batteries

Edmonds Batteries is proud to be a master distributor for NorthStar - The Ultra High Performance Battery! NorthStar produces a full line of engine starting, cycling and telecom batteries.

Why choose NorthStar?

  • Pure lead AGM Technology delivers exceptional CCA rating and reserve capacity cycling ability
  • Quick starting time - up to 2,150 pulse amps
  • Cycles over 400 times to 80% depth of discharge
  • Faster recharge then conventional batteries
  • Housed in advanced plastic for durability, performance and heat resistance
  • Advanced AGM construction means no water levels to check or terminals to clean, and allows you to install the battery on its side
  • Ideally suited for new vehicles that use start stop technology
  • OEM fit is ensured as all NorthStar batteries are built to exact BCI standards
  • Approved as non-hazardous cargo for ground, air and sea transport

To learn more about NorthStar product contact your nearest Edmonds Batteries today and talk to one of your battery experts, or check out NorthStar’s website!

Battery Accessories

Edmonds Batteries Ltd. carries hundreds of battery related accessories! We stock a large inventory of products from top manufacturers, and are always adding to our line so there is always something new in store for you!

We carry battery boxes of all shapes and sizes, lugs, terminals, cables (pre-made and custom made to order), hydrometers, handles, meters – too many to list them all! So phone, email or stop by and see one of your battery experts today and we will gladly take care of all of your battery related needs.

Household Batteries

Every household needs batteries, and with hundreds of household batteries in stock, and thousands more a mouse click away, Edmonds Batteries Ltd. is your one stop shop for all of your battery needs! From the AAA’s in your remote to that hard to find battery in your phone; from alkaline to lithium to NIMH rechargeable, Edmonds has you covered!

We carry a full line of Rayovac batteries, flashlights and chargers!

Power Inverters

Whether you need a power-inverter for on the job site or for the next great Canadian road trip, Edmonds Batteries Ltd. has one that is right for you. We proudly carry inverters manufactured by Samlex America the industry leader in power conversion equipment.

From 200 watt to over 6000 watt, modified to pure sine wave, we carry a range of inverters that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations in value and quality. And through our relationships with other great industry leaders, we can special order just about anything else you may need!

Battery Maintainers

Nothing is more important to the longevity of your battery then the proper maintenance of it when not in use. That is why Edmonds Batteries Ltd. stocks battery maintainers and conditioners from the three of the top manufacturers: Schumacher, Battery Tender and Noco.

We carry a complete line of maintainers and three stage smart chargers in 6, 8, 12, 24 and 36 volts. And unlike some products on the market, ours provide you with the peace of mind of true float control so there are no worries of your battery sulphating or boiling dry! When it comes to battery maintenance, Edmonds has you covered!

Battery Chargers

Sooner or later everyone needs a charger, and it’s important that when that time comes you have one you can count on to do the job right. That is why Edmonds Batteries Ltd. is proud to carry a full line of chargers from the industry leader, Schumacher. And for those of you with needs that Schumacher can not meet, we have access to all of the top manufacturers that you can think of!

So whether it’s a 6 volt gel, a 12 volt AGM, or a 36 volt bank in a floor scrubber we have got you covered. With set voltages ranging from 6 to 72 volts, and constant voltage line chargers as well, Edmonds will get you into the charger that’s right for you!


Edmonds Batteries Ltd is proud to offer our customers a complete line of AGM batteries for their home alarm, UPS and other AGM deep cycle applications.

With our AGM batteries you are sure to get high-cyclic batteries, made to the highest standards. Unlike other stores, we carry a full line of durable and dependable batteries no matter how demanding the application. So whether in your alarm or your golf-caddy, your UPS or your medical scooter, we can provide you with the battery that is right for you.

Automotive Batteries

When it comes to automotive batteries, Edmonds Batteries Ltd. has you covered. We proudly carry batteries for just about every vehicle that’s ever been built!

Whether you’re looking for a six volt for your classic car, something reliable and economical for your son or daughter’s car, or something harder to find for your sports car, Edmonds has what you need. And with a large selection of refurbished batteries to complement our extensive line of new batteries, we are sure to have one at a price that is right for you. So contact one of our four locations today to get the battery you need, when you need it!

Marine Batteries

When you’re out on the water, the last thing you want to think about is your batteries! That’s why the “Edmonds Marine” line only uses batteries built to the highest standards! Our entire line of Marine Starting batteries use anchor bonded plates for superior vibration resistance, and stainless steel lugs for superior corrosion resistance. To complement our line of standard 12 volt starting batteries we also proudly stock the complete line of Dyno 8 volt marine batteries for those 32 volt systems.’

And for your deep cycle needs we are proud to offer our customers a full line of 12 volt Deep Cycle batteries and 6 volt Golf Cart batteries manufactured by the industry leader Crown Battery.

Motorcycle & Power Sports Batteries

When it comes to motorcycle and power sport batteries no one has you covered like Edmonds Batteries Ltd.! We proudly carry a complete line of Shorai, Yuasa, Power Sonic, Odyssey and Energy Power Batteries ensuring that we have the right battery for your application!

From the newest Lithium-Iron technology, to AGM batteries designed to withstand the vibration of your Harley, ATV, Snowmobile or Jet-Ski, to the obscure six volt for your old Honda, Edmonds has your battery. In peak season we keep the top movers charged and ready to go, allowing us to prepare them properly. Unlike other places who quick charge them while you wait, we allow the battery to soak before slow charging, giving you the cranking amps and amp hour your battery was intended to provide. For applications less common, phone ahead and we will gladly get your battery ready for you ahead of time.

Commercial Batteries

When your truck or piece of equipment has a job to do, you want a battery that will get the job done for you! That is why the “Edmonds Commercial” line only uses the top manufacturers that meet the highest standards.

Standards like: using a calcium-calcium impregnated plate design, providing you with stronger plates and higher cold cranking amp output then conventional plate design; and using internal dual lug bus bars, allowing for faster delivery of those cold cranking amps while providing you with superior vibration resistance. When it comes to commercial equipment, an “Edmonds Commercial” battery is the one for you!

RV Batteries

When it comes to an investment like your RV it’s important to know that your batteries are going to be there when you need them. That is why Edmonds Batteries Ltd. carries the full line of maintenance free batteries as well as Crown Deep Cycle batteries; the industry leader, featuring the most active material and delivering unsurpassed reserve capacity and durability.

So whether you are in the market for a set of 6 volt Golf Cart batteries or 12 volt Deep Cycle batteries, Edmonds has the battery that’s right for you!

Edmonds Batteries carries thousands of batteries and battery related accessories. Please contact us if you need a product that you don't see here on our website: