Edmonds Welcomes Ken Davidson

Edmonds Batteries is proud to announce the hiring of Ken Davidson as our Wholesale Representative! Ken is a third generation battery man from the Davidson Battery family, who have been involved in the Vancouver battery business since the 1930’s. Following in his grandfather and father’s footsteps he started out as a delivery boy and worked his way up to owner/manager. Ken is known as the man to go to when you need battery solutions that no one else can help you with. He is also well known for building custom 2 volt battery systems! With 30 years of experience Ken has encountered all types of battery challenges.

With Ernie Davidson now retired Ken plans to bring the reputation for quality products and exceptional service that the Davidson name is well known for.

Edmonds Batteries is pleased to welcome Ken to the team and are proud to be able to offer his expertise to our current and future customers

NorthStar automotive batteries out perform competition in “torture tests”!

​NorthStar Ultra High Performance Batteries proved to be the best of the best after outperforming the competition though two brutal torture tests. The Winch and Boombox tests were conducted by JP Magazine for their March 2013 issue, using Group 34 size batteries from all of the top manufactures.

NorthStar G34M Battery pulled a jeep weighing 6,500lbs a distance of 471 feet. that is almost 100ft further then the closest competitor battery, made by Odyssey, which could only manage 382 ft. The Die Hard Platinum managed 352 ft and the Optima Yellow 307 ft. In the Boombox test the NorthStar battery had enough power to run a customer-made 40 amp sound and lighting system for an impressive 95 minutes. Again, the Odyssey could only last 92 min, the Optima 84 min and the Die Hard Platinum 81 min.

So if you need to winch yourself out of trouble or run a killer sound system, then NorthStar is clearly the best choice! check out the full article here

Valerie Thompson joins Texas Mile 200 MPH Club

(Scottsdale, AZ) – March 28, 2013 – Valerie Thompson, owner/driver of Valerie Thompson Racing (VTR), set a new 1000 cc class record with a personal best top speed of 212 mph during her first appearance at the Texas Mile race March 22-24 in Beeville Texas. Thompson’s record run also earned her BMW S 1000 RR Superbike entry into the prestigious “Texas Mile 200 MPH Club.”

“What an excellent way to start 2013 for all the great sponsors who made our BMW a real track terror. During the winter months, we really got the bike dialed-in with new HP Race Parts, new riding gear, MS Production race parts and even a new paint scheme from Orlando Autobody. After arriving in Texas, we only needed gear changes to adapt to changing weather conditions. Now we just need some additional funding to race a full season,” stated Thompson.

Texas Mile attendance has grown rapidly since 2003, with participants from around the world competing on one of the world’s most challenging 1-mile track. “My hats off to the Texas Mile staff and Christian Motorcycle Association volunteers who put on a well-managed event. I’d also like to thank my dedicated crew, we can’t wait to return in October for the next Texas Mile competition,” said Thompson.

For event details, October schedule and records, visit

Video of Valerie at the Texas Mile: HERE

Valerie Thompson Background

Thompson is a five-time land speed record holder and owner/driver of the Valerie Thompson Land Speed Racing Motorcycle Team who has also competed in the All Harley Drag Racing Association and National Hot Rod Association drag racing series. She set a personal best top speed and 1000 cc Class Record with two 212 mph runs during the March 2013 Texas Mile competition. Thompson is a member of the Texas Mile 200 MPH Club and the Mojave Magnum 200 MPH Club.

Valerie Thompson Racing sponsors include: Martech Services Company, CTEK Battery Chargers, TROON Enterprises, Metro Auto Auction, La-Man Corporation, BMW Motorrad USA – HP Race Parts, Vision Wheel, MS Production North America, Orlando Autobody, Schuberth Head Protection Technology, Go AZ Motorcycles of Scottsdale, Worldwide Bearings, Stand-Up Photos, Hyperpro Suspension Technology and Shorai Battery.